Seeking career opportunities

January 21, 2017    

Seeking career opportunities in health or real estate law, though I’m open to exploring other areas of practice. I have not taken the bar yet (though plan to soon). Please contact me at 713-502-5711 if you have any leads!

My interests are primarily in:
Health care privacy and compliance
Health law, generally
Risk management, particularly in small businesses
Residential real estate
Online privacy
Online background investigation

My strengths are in:
Improving office efficiency by utilizing technology
Creating robust presentations through the use of graphics and media
Simplifying workflows, standardizing repeat tasks, creating “wiki” knowledgebases
Online background searches
Organizing digital archives

Inner loop location
Independently-driven projects
In-office study permitted for bar exam
Relaxed atmosphere
Full-time, with flexible hours

About the AuthorCorbin Dodge

Corbin Dodge, JD is a professional web marketing specialist who has over 15 years of experience learning the ‘ins-and-outs’ of how the internet can be used as a tool to benefit, harm, or promote users and businesses. A self-described computer ‘power-user’ and efficiency hobbyist, he advocates utilizing technological and web-based tools as mechanisms to promote personal and professional success.