Corbin DodgeEducation

One quality that distinguishes me from the crowd is that I am research-oriented and persistent. My skill and persistence has brought me great success both personally and professionally. I’m a 3L at South Texas College of Law and I look forward to merging my Information Technology expertise with the legal skills I’ve acquired during my graduate education. I received a baccalaureate degree in English from The Honors College at the University of Houston. In addition, I graduated with University Honors after completing a senior honors thesis.

Professional Background

Professionally, I’m employed by Baylor College of Medicine where I oversee web development for Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers, the largest pediatric cancer center in the United States. I specialize in website development, content management, web marketing, and social networking. I have over 15 years of experience in online content and media development and am responsible for over 3,500 pages of online content that span across 8 public websites and 9 internal intranet Sharepoint sites. My knowledge of web development gives me a unique perspective about how to communicate effectively on the internet, which in turn allows me to offer services that are unique as well as inspiring.

In addition to developing public marketing strategies for the world wide web, I am also devoted to increasing efficiency in the workplace. Specifically, I have a strong interest in using web applications to increase managerial and administrative efficiency. By integrating cutting-edge technologies into an office environment, employee workloads can be drastically reduced. Secure online collaboration tools such as Microsoft Sharepoint can allow coworkers to simultaneously review documents, track the status of projects, monitor customer service requests, and much, much more. I am passionate about finding the simplest, yet most effective solutions to increase work productivity.