Digital Marketing

Development, Deployment, Content Management, and SEO

It’s About Developing the Designers Vision

A good website designer understands the principles of design that makes a website appeal to visitors. Think of them as the artists of the web. But how does that artistic vision of a website actually come into fruition?

website developer will adapt the graphic elements the designer prepared, and then build features and functions into the website. They’re the website strategist–the one who plans out the functions, develops the overall theme, and the one who makes decisions about how a website will be displayed. Thus, their expertise is versatile–it must blend in knowledge of numerous scripts and codes to create the elements and pages that visitors interact with.

Content Management

The rise of content management systems (CMS) has been increasing over the last ten years. This increasing focus on content management has adapted the web to embrace users with a variety of skill levels who otherwise would be unable to sustain their own website without hiring a skilled designer and developer. Today, CMS systems connect lay users with expertly handcrafted tools that allow anyone to update their website, regardless of their knowledge of websites. But while novice users may be able to post a page online, a website developer can take those existing features and customize them to fit the needs of their customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Oftentimes web designers focus too much on design and not enough on optimization. SEO is a web marketing technique that allows search engines, like Google, to discover your website. It can increase you sales, raise awareness about your cause, or provide information about your services.

I understand how search engines find and rank websites. Every website can benefit from making tweaks to the site engineering and content in order to increase their web visibility. Whether you’re searching to create a new website, or simply want to increase your visitor numbers, my broad background in web marketing will give your business an edge in advancing among the search engine results.

Application Integration

Apps are cool tools. They can connect your website visitors to online retailers, while at the same time returning a small profit for the referral. They can provide live update feeds that reflect the social media activity related to your business or organization. Apps can also allow your website visitors to login and comment on your blog posts using their Facebook or Twitter login, while at the same time fueling your social media development. I understand how these tools can be integral to promoting the unique causes for a website.

Social Media

Promoting your business online requires more dedication than it used to. Static content is no longer sufficient to guarantee that your website will appear at the top of Google search results. Today, the most successful web marketing strategists harness a robust system of online medias in order to maximize visitor engagement.

No matter what industry or market you need to target, my experience with integrating social media into your online marketing campaigns will open new horizons for your business or organization. Many independent website developers fail to develop a complete system of web medias. I understand that a single static website is not enough to bring out the full potential in any website.

As an efficiency enthusiast, I’ve found that one of the best ways to increase your web visibility is to make sure that your website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other accounts can populate information between one another. By integrating social media into your website development, you can create a complex system of interactions that are reflected throughout the world wide web, all within the click of a button.